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Why A Silo Website Structure Helps Our Site Rank Well

Ebizguy is a Product Reviews Blog blogger and author of this article.

Websites have their own design and structures. Most of the time they are structured to have pages, posts, tags and many other components. In recent years, designing your website in a silo structure has been known to give your site a better chance of ranking for different terms and phrases. Silo, as it is known, is a container that is used to store an item for letter use. They are used in factors and storage facilities. So, silo in website’s term means locations of your website that store similar information for retrial by users.

Let us expand this concept a little further and see it through an example. Let us say our website is about âWeight lossâ. This is a vast and broad term that can accommodate lots of other phrases or âSilosâ so that we can store similar information accordingly. We can create âWeight loss for menâ, âWeight loss for womenâ and âWeight loss for childrenâ under the âWeight lossâ. This shows that we are structuring the website in a silo structure. So, when we have an information that is about weight loss for men, we store it under âWeight loss for menâ page or category.

This kind of design gives your website a cool feature for the user as it is easy to find related information and everything is linked in a structured way. This is now a must-have design concept for all website design issues out there. There is nothing worse than storing every kind of information in a single category as it shows nothing is in order.

Once the silo structured is set up, it is time to start arranging posts so that they inter-link with each other in the same silo. Users and website visitors usually go through websites and click many links that they think will give them the right information the y are seeking. So, making our post to inter-link with another similar post is a sure way to keep your visitor on your site for a longer time. This gives signal to the search engines that the website is highly relevant to users and send more visitors.
It is mostly agreed by many website designers that the many silos on a website finally lead to a single most important silo page. This is a sure way to indicate what the website is all about. All links in the website end up on that specific page and let the users know what they can find on the site. Search engines quickly get this information as they can crawl through the website and follow every link in it. Once they determine that links are all working and lead up to the most important page, they are so happy to grant the website a higher rank so that users can find the best information and experience.