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understanding The Seo Cycle

The SEO cycle is about the steps that are taken to optimize content, promote a website and achieve a good search engine ranking Macronimous. There are nine steps in this SEO cycle, which every SEO expert should know about, in order to effectively implement it and make it a part of the marketing campaign.

Keyword Analysis

The first step in the SEO cycle is to carry out a keyword analysis. A keyword research would reveal the keywords that are effective, that users use frequently and the ones that would yield good results for a website. This keyword research can be carried out using different tools that are free or need a subscription. The reason why keyword research is the first step in this SEO cycle is because keywords are to be used in content, meta titles, meta description and URLs Marcodegroen and keyword difficulty tool.

Content Writing

The second step is to create helpful and quality content, in which keywords are used. The keywords used in the content would make it possible for users and search engines to find the website. If keyword research is not done properly, then writing quality and helpful content would go to waste, and the content wont be discoverable.

Verification Of On Page SEO

In order to make a web page or website optimized, it is important for it to have the following elements:

Meta title

Meta description


Content Page

Internal Linking

Meta Keywords

Format of the content

Image size and naming

Image Alt Tag

Page Load Speed

Robot.txt File

When a website has been developed, Googlebot would crawl the web pages of the site, so that it can be indexed, understood and be visible to the users. If the content has not been formatted according to the guidelines provided by Google for SEO, then it would take a while for the Googlebot to understand what the content is about, and the process of indexing the site would get delayed.

If the webmaster doesnt want the world to see the website yet, but still wants to put it online, then it can use the robot.txt file to do so.

Creation Of Site Map

Every web page that a webmaster wants the Googlebot to crawl and index, would be in the site map. There are pages which dont have any value for users, and are developed for administrative purposes only; those pages wont be present in either the robot.txt file or the site map.

Submission To Google

Once the website is ready, properly formatted and the webmaster feels that it should be made available for users to see, and then it should be submitted to Google. Google would then send a bot to crawl the website, and index it, so that the web pages are visible to the users SEO-theory.

Google Analytics

This is an important stage in the SEO cycle. Once a website is online, it is important to measure its performance. Google Analytics has many tools available for webmasters, through which they can know about the traffic that is coming to their website. After they have implemented SEO efforts, they would know whether those efforts are yielding results or not.

Google Analytics also tells webmasters if the users are engaging with the content they have posted on the website, how long they stay and what is the bounce rate. If users dont spend much time exploring, then this means that the content posted is not useful for them, or there are navigational problems with the website.

Off-Page SEO

When SEO copywriters create good content, then other websites endorse those web pages, or articles Stevens. This is the process of back linking, and it is effective if authoritative websites endorse a web page. It gives more confidence to the user, more authority to that particular page and domain, and search engines rank such pages higher as well.

Ranking Of Websites & Web Pages

The ranking of a website or webpage can be checked by searching it on Google SEO-Cycle. If the URL of the webpage or website is in top search results, then this means that the SEO efforts have yielded results, but if the ranking is not in the top search engine results, then the SEO expert has to work hard on it. He might have to check if the keywords are working or not, and go through the cycle again.