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The Role Of Smo (social Media Optimization)

SMO and SEO are two different yet interrelated terms. While SMO boosts up small business through the creation

of viral buzz, SEO helps give a website a firm place in the top position in search results. Though SEO is

viewed as an avenue used to give a website more online presence, SMO plays a lead role in providing a site the

much need online popularity for customers to locate it in search engines.

Social media is a network of websites where people from circles or communities and share information in

different forms such as pictures, videos, and texts. Some of the leading social media platforms include

Facebook, Digg, Revver, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Business can use these platforms to give their

marketing messages and campaign the necessary exposure, with ease.

Based on what the national press coverage dishes out, it is easy to think that social media is just an avenue

that only those viewed as celebrities can leverage and be successful. That is not the case. Just by the virtue

of the many small business owners taking their time to reach out to their customer via social, it is enough

evidence that just how big of tool social media is and is role in the growth of businesses.

It is possible to use a segregative marketing strategy on social media to reach a target audience, something

that SMO services can offer companies to optimize their brand name while also availing an avenue to reach a

wider audience. Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and others are a common name with millions of active members.

In as much as SMO is closely linked with SEO, it goes beyond it; it encompasses the driving of online traffic

to websites with focus directed to more than just search engines. Am mentioned earlier, it is an option used to

create a vital buzz for marketing strategies. It can use images, videos, and texts as well as bookmarking the

sites to spread the word to unrelated net users across the social network.

You can achieve this using different ways, be it via vlogs, blogs, or podcasts; the goals being to make it

easier for your website to be linked to other sites and vice versa. It is one of the fundamental rules of SMO

that ensures that all parties benefit (others can leverage your sites content and web tools). Of importance is

to remember that content diversification is vital for a better and lasting exposure.

SMO utilizes the power of people to drive traffic to a website. At the conception of the Internet, only

businesses had the money and computer power to build and host websites. Today, it takes literally five minutes

to build a website and only a few more to upload some PLR content.

SMO capitalizes on the power of people (communication) to drive online traffic to your site. During the early

years of internet use, business with computer power were the entities that would build and host websites. All

that has changed, now it only takes a few minutes to set up a site and a couple more minutes to upload PLR


Nevertheless, the use of SMO requires a number of changes to optimize your website effectively making it easier

to link with and more visible across the social network including blogs, wikis, podcasts and search engines.

With this in mind, you might wonder if your site has what is needs to support SMO. The truth is everything

thing is a work in progress, and even though it is in the budding stage or not, the benefits of leveraging SMO

will be discovered with every passing day.