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The Offline Marketing Tools That You Should Use

More and more businesses are relying on online tools (e.g. websites, emails, social networking sites, etc.) for marketing and PR purposes. Yes, business entities have become more distant and impersonal than they were many years ago.

If you want to differentiate your business from your competitors, you need to use offline tools for your marketing campaigns. In this article, youll discover some of the best offline tools available to you.

Business Cards

Now that business professionals introduce themselves using email signatures, you can beat the competition by using business cards. These cards have helped countless people and businesses in promoting themselves and attracting referrals. Make sure that you and your employees give out one or more business cards when you interact with people regarding business.

Direct Mail Marketing

You may use the postal service to promote your business offline. Historically speaking, direct mails have low response rates. But you can encourage recipients to do business with you by including an interesting and/or useful object in the mail. Sending out a cool trinket, for instance, might make recipients remember you whenever they see the object they got from you.

Printed Marketing Paraphernalia

Printed marketing tools (e.g. pamphlets) can help you gain more traction in your local market. Instead of printing boring materials, however, take advantage of modern technology and design principles.

Create pamphlets, posters, and flyers that will help people remember you. Here are some tips:

Include one or more discount coupons in your flyers.
Create marketing materials based on cool infographics.

New Product Packaging

If your business offers physical products, product packaging is one of the most powerful tools that you can ever use. Curiously, many businesses underestimate the marketing power of this tool. That means you can grab the attention of your target customers by switching to a new packaging for your product/s. As an alternative, you may include freebies (e.g. stickers) in your products to attract more customers. Consider the following:

Take advantage of modern designing tools such as Adobe Illustrator in creating new packaging for your products.
Use recycled materials if appropriate. This technique will make your business a green one.


Billboards are great when it comes to displaying company-related information in highly populated areas. To make your billboards more noticeable, use innovative designs and attractive images.

This option involves significant expense, but the exposure youll get is certainly worth it. To reduce the cost that youll incur, you may:

Use your companys vehicles as moving billboards.
Form a joint marketing campaign with a non-competing business. This way, youll just have to pay about 50% of the costs.


Businesses are shifting their focus on online marketing. They use emails, websites, blogs, and social networking sites to grab the attention of their target customers. But not all customers are going online. And online marketers are now having problems in differentiating their business.

You can solve this problem through offline tools such as business cards and direct mail. You may run a 100% offline marketing campaign, or just use offline tools to complement your online marketing endeavors.