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The Different Roles Of Criminal Solicitors

A criminal defence solicitor deals with many forms of criminal activity, and this article will provide information on the top different types of crimes this type of solicitor manages. Some solicitors may deal exclusively in criminal cases, while others may offer a more broad service to clients.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is defined as the hiding of the origin or location of money or other assets. The assets or money could be the proceeds of the crime such as a burglary; however, it is also possible that the money is obtained due to tax evasion or fraudulent accounting. Rather than arousing suspicion by spending large amounts of money that would typically be unobtainable, a money launderer will deposit the large amounts into a “hidden” bank account removing any trace of where the assets are placed or where they originated.

Identity Fraud

One of the most common and increasingly popular types of crimes a criminal defence solicitor has to manage is identity fraud. Identity fraud is becoming simpler to complete because people are no longer as security conscious regarding their personal details. Passports, driving licenses and credit cards are easily copied online by those who are able to do so and know how to perform the procedure.

A victim of identity fraud can find themselves losing assets and facing large loans without knowing how the debt had originated. In fact, it is also possible for victims to end up facing criminal charges without having carried out any criminal activities.

Internet And Computer Fraud

Internet and computer fraud, as with identity fraud, is a growing difficulty facing people across the globe. Common fraud procedures include attempting to obtain users’ personal information by sending “phishing” emails pretending to be from authority sources and hacking into the individual’s personal databases. Once information has been obtained, the data is used to conduct criminal activities.

Drug Importing And Supply

People involved in drug importation and supply will often work for larger organisations within various countries. Drug smuggling is a highly lucrative activity, and despite the risks involved, people continue to smuggle for the monetary rewards. In some cases, the individual caught may just be the tip of a drug cartel, but this is the case that a criminal defence solicitor will have to face.

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