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Paid To Click Money Making Opportunities

There are quite a few internet websites upon the entire world wide web where you can earn money just for viewing advertisements placed by other site members, to do this you must click on a certain number of ads per day. The site has a timer and all you do is click on the ad, view it until the timer gets to zero and go to the next site. They are called paid to click sites or PTC’s for short. This sometimes is also known as Get Paid To Click.

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Some people may confuse this as Pay Per Click Advertising, this is a completely different model.
Some paid to click sites offer deals per click and per referral click, depending on the sites, some may have you click on the average of 10 ads per day or per 24 hours and some may require more ads are clicked and viewed.

The usual number of ads that need to be clicked on per day is 10. This really is a quick process but this depends on how fast your internet connection is. Many of these sites will sell you referrals in packages as little as five dollars. It is important to find a site that has a good reputation or is well known in the industry.

These Paid To Click business model is an innovative online business model that attracts online traffic from people that are wanting to learn how to earn money from home. PTC which is the abbreviated term, will act as an intermediary between customers and the advertisers.
It is the advertiser that pays to display certain ads on the Pay To Click website. A part of this payment then is allocated to the customer which is known as the viewer when the viewer clicks on the advertisement and views the ads.

Many of these websites also have paid to sign up offers from other members as well. This is where you sign up into their program and you get paid. These may be referred to as Affiliate Programs or Associate Programs. Just like the various affiliate marketing programs online, many PTC sites will also pay a commission fee to its members for all new members signed up under them or they pay a percentage of the clicks that their referrals make. This is then an ongoing commission structure. This is one method that does not require any technical know how at all.