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Enhance Safety And Promote Productivity Through Training

An issue seldom considered amongst contractors and construction employers is the ability of safety training to enhance safety on the work site, thereby promoting productivity.

A safe site is one with minimal or no work related injuries or illnesses and this type of site is beneficial not only to the workers themselves but employers as well because it saves them money and promotes greater productivity. Not to mention that injuries and illnesses sustained on the job costs the economy billions every year.

So with safety in everyone’s best interest, the first way that employers can promote a safe site is through training.

The federal government has helped in this regard by making general construction induction training “Work Safely in the Construction Industry” obligatory for all construction workers.

It’s important that workers don’t step onto a construction site without the basic knowledge of how to work safely and abide by the rules of safe construction work. Workers have an obligation to work in a way that doesn’t present a risk to themselves or others of the construction site.

It’s easy to become complacent about safety especially if you are in the industry a long time or if you’re new to the industry and haven’t received the appropriate training. Some employers and even some workers incorrectly assume that safety training is costly and a waste of time when in fact it saves time, money and lives.

There are 2 types of training that are important to enhancing attitudes towards safety on construction sites, white card training and site specific training.

Although there are numerous construction injuries and fatalities every year in the Australian construction industry, we have one of the safest in the world, in relation to global safety standards. Australian WH&S law mandates that strict rules are followed when it comes to construction safety. In order for workers to become familiar with these rules, they must complete induction safety training and possess a valid White Card.

Workers in Australia, whether they are career construction workers or backpackers doing construction work for the holidays, must complete white card training before beginning work.

For employers the advantages of providing workers with white card training is numerous. It will help increase productivity and adherence to deadlines, help projects stay on budget and improve work quality. It will also minimise the number of workplace injuries and illnesses, lowering absentee rates and increasing worker job satisfaction.

With White Card Express online training you’ll be getting workers equipped to handle life on a high risk work site such as construction, as well as be meeting WH&S requirements.

Remember that employers that don’t provide workers with a safety environment and system of work will be liable for large, possibly crippling fines.