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Basic Concepts Of Digital Marketing

To be good at digital marketing, every marketer learns about its basics relevance. Learning the basics of digital marketing would give marketers a clear idea about what strategies they should adopt, how they should communicate and interact with their customers, the dos and donts of digital marketing, and how to handle social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing can be defined as marketing activities that are carried out, using digital technology do watch the video:

Digital marketing is also called online marketing and web marketing in different parts of the world. Under digital marketing comes, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, native advertising, email marketing and marketing automation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a digital marketing method through which companies put an effort to rank their website, at a good position in search engine results Wikipedia. For this, they use on-page SEO techniques, off-page SEO techniques and technical SEO. For SEO, marketers create quality content, internal and external links, meta descriptions, headings, titles, optimized images and videos, blogs and guest posts. SEO takes up a lot of time to yield results, but it is a very effective method of digital marketing. – Boston SEO Digital Marketing Company.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about boosting traffic on websites, through creating content for the purpose of brand awareness. Content can be created in many different ways, and companies hire content writers to write for their websites, and create as much relevant content as possible.

In content marketing, marketers create blog posts, where they post regular or weekly blogs about the industry in which they operate, their products or services, or answer queries related to their products or services.

Marketers may also create Ebooks, which is a type of content in a long format, created to educate users about a certain topic. For example, if a company wants to educate users about the different types of risks that consumers are at, when they buy a product or service, then they use Ebooks. Similarly, in order to promote the benefits of a product or service, they can write up Ebooks, to let the users know the different purposes of products or services, which they are buying.

Info graphics are another type of content marketing, where through visual means marketers explain different concepts to users. For example, if they want to inform users about the process through which milk is produced, purified and then packaged, then they can use info graphics to present the information.

Search Engine Marketing

If marketers want to get quick results, then they choose search engine marketing. SEM is all about paid advertisements, which can be done through Google Ads and Pay Per Click. These paid advertisements make a website more visible to users, in less time. Even though SEM is similar to SEO, but the main difference between the two methods of digital marketing is that the former is about paid ads. When companies pay for ads, then they want to measure results frequently, to see if their paid ads are generating any traffic or converting any visitors into customers. One of the methods of SEM is pay per click.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is a method through which a marketer pays a publisher, every time their ad is clicked Neil Patel. Google Ads are one type of PPC, which allows companies to have their website on the top of the Googles search engine results. PPC works on Facebook, where Facebook publishes an ad on the feed of users, who match with a business audience. Twitter also runs paid ad campaigns, which appear in the feed of the target audience of a brand.

Social Media Marketing

The reason why beginners of digital marketing, along with small businesses, should know about social media marketing, is because it is the most effective way to implement digital marketing. Through social media marketing, companies not only promote their products and services, but they also interact with customers and make them aware about the values and principles that a business follows. A very important strategy regarding social media marketing is to comment on social issues and not offend customers based on their religion, gender or ethnicity.

There are many social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, that businesses and even individuals use nowadays, to promote their products and services.

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, marketers often seek the services of influencers, celebrities and famous people to promote their products and services HubSpot. In case of influencers, if they are able to sell the products of a company, then they receive a commission accordingly. Infleuncers and celebrities are paid for promoting products and services through ads on YouTube, YouTube channels and social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

Marketing Automation

There are many repetitive tasks which would waste time of marketers, if they dont employ efficient methods. Marketing automation is one of those methods, whereby repetitive tasks can be carried out using different softwares. If marketers have to email newsletters to their customers, then they wont be doing it one by one. They would use email automation, or a software, which would help them send one newsletter to every customer. They can schedule email newsletters and social media posts as well, through a bit of early planning.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is done for the purpose of making existing customers aware about the new product launches, events or other news of a brand top rank. For example, customers are emailed about an event that will happen in a public place, where they can benefit from discounts. New customers are sent welcome emails, and customers who have queries, are replied through emails as well.

Digital marketing is necessary for every business and individual, because of the many benefits that it provides them. Digital marketing makes it possible for companies and brands to reach a wider audience, and get their message across digital vidya.