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3 Presents That Would Make The Perfect Christening Gifts For Girls

A baby’s christening is a special event that welcomes the baby into the Christian church. It is sacred and memorable, and should be celebrated with joy and love. Witnesses to the christening ceremony often present gifts to commemorate the baby’s entry into the Christian fold. Bundles of Joy Shopping

Christening gifts for girls can be difficult to pick. In most cases, a baby’s christening occurs when she is still young, thus she has no specific interests or hobbies yet. In these times, it is best to go with simple and elegant gifts that she could appreciate now, and surely cherish even as she grows older.

Here are some ideas for adorable and charming girls christening gifts.

A Porcelain Guardian Angel is a classic way of wishing that the baby girl will be guided throughout her life. The words ‘Guardian angels up above please protect the ones we love’ is also on the surface of the ornament. This lovely Porcelain Guardian Angel has a cream string attached, which can be used to display it on room walls or doors.

It can be hung in other places as well, and is easy to relocate if needed. Measuring 10 cm by 6.5 cm, this heavenly decoration is sure to comfort the baby girl, reminding her that she is safe and loved by the people around her.

For a more traditionally significant present, the luxury sixpence is a good choice. Customarily given as a symbol of luck for a special occasion, the luxury sixpence is a sign of happiness, wealth, and prosperity, which are things that are often wished upon the godchild. This present comes in a lovely box, which allows it to be stored in a safe place, or displayed in shelves and cabinets.

On the lid of the box, a plaque reads, ‘Don’t let the weeds grow around your dreams’. For a young girl, these words would be able to guide her as she grows up to be a wonderful member of the Christian church.

It’s no secret that baby girls or even the older ones love sparkly baubles! Delight your newly christened member with the Birthstone Crystal Guardian Angel. Each Crystal Guardian Angel is beautifully made with coloured crystal wings, representing the baby girl’s birthstone.

These crystals, ready to be hung, would definitely add sparkle and brightness wherever it is placed. Once the sunlight hits these delightful angels, they, like the baby girls, would surely spread the light to other people. The Birthstone Crystal Guardian Angel is presented in a muslin bag, and is an appropriate christening gift for girls of all ages.

The christening of an infant girl is one of the most important events in her life.

It is only fitting that she is presented with wonderful gifts from the witnesses of the ceremony, those who wish to stand by her and welcome her into the Christian world. While material gifts are pleasing for the young child, it is important to remember that love and company are the most essential gifts that a person can give.