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Why Human Signs Work

You have probably tried putting up well-made posters on the street, or you have distributed flyers and brochures to shoppers at the mall, but still, your store is not getting the amount of traffic you are aiming for. What can you do when you think you have tried everything there is to market your business? Perhaps, it is time to consider a technique that will put your business out there front and center where your target market is. And this can be made possible with the help of human signs or sign spinners.

More Than An Exciting Performance

Human signs are actual people you see on the street, holding up a giant arrow sign, and doing all sorts of trick to get noticed by the crowd. They may play air guitar with the arrow sign, do impressions using the billboard, or even perform cartwheels and impressive gymnastics to have people stop what they are doing and watch the amazing live performance.

However, aside from being a natural performer, these sign spinners are on the street for a special purpose to market your business. They are trying to deliver the message that you want the public to know, so you can have more potential customers. This is why sign spinners are trained to convert people through their powerful and straightforward technique, which is mainly a combination of art, drama, music and gymnastics. If you think about it, these professionals are extraordinary people who can do spontaneous performances while marketing your business.

Actions are Stronger that Words

Sure, a nice poster is always fun to look at for a good 1 minute, that is. But if you combine movements and print ad to your campaigns, you are bringing to the public something fresh, exciting, and worth looking at. Sign spinners make all of these happen, and their silly tricks or catchy dance moves can engage you directly, more than what a billboard can do.

Although the impact of these human signs may only be temporary, or sort of a “here and now” kind of a thing, they are all you need to encourage people to act on impulse. If you have a sign spinner perform tricks while holding up a sign leading to your restaurant during lunchtime, chances are, people are going to start walking in to see what you serve. It is all about doing the right skit at the right time, which leads to instant results that you want for your business.