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When Eddm Is Right To Use And Its Advantages

People often ask whether its more effective to use EDDM (Every Door Direct Marketing) in their marketing, or is it better to settle with the more focused method called targeted mailers.

The kind of business one is running plays a vital role in choosing the right mailing method to use. Determining the audience that will receive the mail is also important.

EDDM for an Everybody Audience

Ask this question: Who is my audience? If your answer is everybody, then EDDM can give you the best result. If, however, youre targeting only a segment of the neighborhood where not all households are prospects, EDDM might not be the best option.

The EDDM system works well for businesses where each household is a prospect. Were talking about businesses such as cleaning service, hair salons, convenience stores, etc. On the other hand, businesses such as gyms, yoga, and piano lessons need to employ targeted mailers in their marketing.

One Limitation

One limitation of the EDDM system pertains to the idea that with it, you can be specific regarding the details or data of your recipients. You can be specific in that you can target neighborhoods based on income, age, and proximity. However, you cant go any further than that.

If you insist on going further and include more information, youll become more personal with your approach, and EDDM wont be able to accommodate that kind of requirement. Targeted mailers are the better option for this.

Advantages of EDDM

Despite the limitations inherent in EDDM mail, the system remains one of the largest marketing methods used by businesses in the US, and is the one most recommended by most printing and mailing services in the country. Heres why the system sticks:

* EDDM is ideal for geographically targeted campaigns Geography can be a target, too. This is evident in marketing events involving announcements of events or discounts, store openings, or product launchings. Explore the possibility of using your mailings based on geographical considerations.

* EDDM is a way to be more personal with your prospects EDDM does not allow personalization in the mail, but you surely can gather information through the system. With the data that it can give you, start planning how you can get more personal in your next campaign using an appropriate method for it.

Lead your prospects to a later online engagement with them by using EDDM mailing. When they visit your site, then you can get more information from them and get to know them better.

Cost Advantage

Above all, the EDDM system is cost-effective, and that remains its strongest selling point. You can design, print, and send mail for a cost thats way lower than that of a first-class stamp. Times are tough, so this surely matters for small businesses trying to get their message heard.