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What’s So Special About Enthusiastic Human Signs?

Enthusiastic human signs or sign walkers are people holding advertising signage or billboards at major crowd spots. They might be stationary at one spot or simply walk while moving and waving their boards to catch the attention of passersby. This has increasingly become a cost-friendly form of outdoor marketing that uses the human touch to engage and impress the people in ways that static boards just cannot.

What’s Special About Enthusiastic Human Signs

Enthusiastic human sign street teams are quite a wonderful marketing method achieving targeted business visibility and customer engagement on busy streets, city sidewalks, transit stations, retail stores, convention center trade shows, sports arenas and much more. Thanks to the awesome presentation skills, the dance moves, and interesting tricks performed by the twirlers that makes them extremely effective in places with a high amount of pedestrian and driving traffic. These signs are leveraged to bring a noticeable outdoor marketing presence to life, that too in a completely eco-friendly manner as of course, they are human powered. The extent of street-level audience that human signs can reach with utmost ease makes them a special mode of advertising for just about any kind of business.

Varieties of Human Signs or Billboards

Human Signs can consist of a broad range of walk-around advertising concepts that vary from hand-held boards to digitally interactive ones to large-sized billboards. Take a quick look at the variety of human sign forms :

– Above The Head or Hand-held Human Signs

Featuring a vibrant signage with a double-sided print, these signs are placed above the head of the walkers with the help of a backpack and a pole, or are held in their hands. The board can sport different shapes, including custom die-cut shapes, speech bubbles, geometric shapes or thought bubbles. Apart from creating a great presence, such human signs can go for flyer distribution or small product samples while interacting with the people.

– Digitally Interactive Enthusiastic Human Signs

Large, billboard signage that can be strapped on to the back of the walker, usually lighting up at night with the help of LED lights installed inside them are called digitally interactive human signs. They are mostly rectangular in shape and face consumers behind the walkers, while having a small square sign on the opposite side. Even these signs can generate an amazing advertising presence and go for product sampling, demos, or surveys. These ads work their best when deployed on busy streets of major cities.