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Ultimate Guide To Seo Mysteries And Their Solutions

SEO can be tough to deal with. Even the most expert SEO specialists need to make efforts to achieve the best possible results. There are various reasons for the fluctuation in your website ranking, and these factors keep on changing all the time. If you are following the best SEO strategies and doing your best but are not getting perfect results, dont feel bad about it because it happens with everyone. The mysterious world of SEO isnt that hard to understand if you know the answers to the following questions.

Why has the traffic on your website suddenly stopped?

You have been getting good traffic for your website continuously, but suddenly there is a decline. You must not understand why that has happened. If the decrease is lower than 10 percent, there is nothing to worry about because it could be because of minor external changes in factors.

If the traffic has dropped to extreme low that you are seriously facing a manual penalty or something else is severely wrong with your website Sguru.

Why are your pages not appearing in the results of search engines?

If your website pages do not come up in search results, the reason behind it is that they have not been indexed. If you have newly created your website, you shouldnt worry because Google takes almost a month to index the content from recently made websites. If you are in a hurry, you can always sign up with the XML site map. That way, your pages will start showing up quickly.

Whats wrong with your link?

If you recently built a link that is pointing towards your site and that link is out of your sight and you cant seem to find it, they’re probably can be one reason for that. The hosting website of that link must have removed it. They might have discovered your content to be irrelevant.

Why do your rankings keep varying all the time?

The ranking process on the search engine has a volatile nature. It would be weird if your ranking is not changing at all. Dont waste your time checking for your ranking many times a day and instead check them after 15 days or once a month.

If the rankings are changing unusually, then there must be something wrong with your strategy, or Google and the users are rejecting the content you are posted.

Why are you not getting improved SEO results?

This answer to this mystery is more straightforward than others on the list. SEO is a long term strategy, and it takes time to give positive results. You would probably need months to start seeing a positive change in your rankings. If it has already been months and you are still not seeing any functional changes, then try investing more money and investing more equals in providing better content and a better structure for your website.

Why is the website running slow?

This isnt an issue that needs to be analyzed like others on the list, but slow load speed can affect traffic on your website. Try to minimize the image files on your website or strip off any plugins that are no longer in use.