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Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Quickest Way To Get Started Online

Looking to start a home based business online for some extra $Cash$ and are looking for ideas on How-To get started as quickly as possible with as little or NO start up costs?

Well… let me share with you my idea on how Anyone can get started online within the next 24 hours without a website or product of their own.

Are you ready?

The quickest way Anyone can get started online is by becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

What is a Affiliate Marketer you ask? The answers simple. Check this out You simply market others peoples products for a cut(usually between 30-70% commission on every sale made by you).

Thats as easy as a definition gets, so I hope you get the picture. Get higher page rankings on google with

Now that you understand what the quickest way to get started online is its now time for me to explain to you the TOP 5 Reasons WHY this is the answer.

Reason #1. NO Domain Costs.

The beautiful thing about being an affiliate is they supply you with a unique Domain with your affiliate ID for you to promote. Though some affiliate domains are quite ugly, the fact remains that you dont have to worry about paying to register any domains to get started with your promotions.

There are advanced affiliate marketing techniques using domains but I wont get into that here. Get your email list started with

Reason #2. NO Hosting Costs.

By being an affiliate you dont have to worry about web hosting because once you sign up as an affiliate you get your own unique URL which simply redirects your potential customer to the main affiliate website.

Again there are advanced affiliate marketing techniques that require hosting but thats a whole other article in itself.

Reason #3. NO Product to worry about creating.

Once again the advantage to being an affiliate is that you dont have to worry about creating your own product. Thats why you became an affiliate in the first place.

Reason #4. NO Website or Salesletter to create.

Creating a profitable Website and Salesletter can be quite the costly task especially when it comes to your salesletter.

By being a affiliate you can choose a good converting affiliate product and not have to worry about all the Trial and Error and testing involved when setting up a direct response website.

Reason #5. NO Refunds to deal with.

This again is another benefit to being an affiliate and that is you dont have to worry about dealing with any refunds from customers who are unhappy with their purchase.

The less headaches you have to worry about the better.

Well, thats it. Those are my TOP 5 Reasons WHY.

Dont get me wrong, Im not saying dont start your own website, Im simply sharing with you the quickest way to get started online.

You definitely will want to set up your own website once you feel comfortable with what you want to do online as your own business. Build your list with

Affiliate marketing is just a EASY way to get in the game and see how things are done online.

Well, I truly hope you see the benefits to being an affiliate marketer and see my point as to WHY getting started online as an affiliate marketer is the most cost effective and cautious way to start your online home based business.