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Tecademics Matching Millions Bonus Program

The Tecademics Matching Millions program has to be the most exciting affiliate bonus program available! Not only do they have a great range of top quality products available to promote, the whole compensation plan is amazing.
Firstly, the affiliate program pays 40% commissions on all their products. How that commission is shared depends on your qualification status for each product and on the multi level marketing type structure above you where your upline (if they are qualified) gets to share in some commissions or take all the commissions when you are not qualified yourself. Still, at 40% commissions on a $25,000 sale on the top end, you make $10,000 per sale. Not too shabby!
The other upside is that your downlines pass up commissions to you too using the same principle so you can end up with a web of downline commissions passing up to you besides what you sell yourself.

The Tecademics Matching Millions bonus program part refers to two benchmarks that you need to acheive in sales with the qualification that you must reach them within 36 months of joining Tecademics. The first benchmark is to reach $100,000 in affiliate commissions from Tecademics. When you reach that, Tecademics pays you a $100,000 bonus. The second benchmark is to reach $1 million in affiliate commissions from Tecademics. When you reach this milestone, you are bonused another $1 million.

Then there is the sports car giveaway. When you have earned $100,000 in affiliate commissions, you are entered in the 6 monthly draw where an exotic sports car is reffled at a Tecademics event. For every $100,000 in commissions earned, you get a ticket entered into the draw. There are a number of other luxury packages on offer for vacations in exotic locations and a variety of ‘comfort’ goodies to boot.

The full compensation plan is therefore made up of the Matching Millions bonuses, the 40% commissions on all the Tecademics products and the leverage achieved by the MLM networking concept that brings you income from all your downlines that are making sales. One of the other perks available to you as an Ambassador, is the large library of Chris Record trainings which Chris has been selling for hundreds if not thousands of dollars before he established Tecademics. This training is freely available from the members area and you can leverage this training to get you more sales and derive maximum benefits from the affiliate compensation plan.