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Switching From Quickbooks To Xero

If your company is making use of bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks, it’s about time you discovered the benefits of Cloud Accounting.

Quickbooks became popular in the past because it was fairly user-friendly compared to the software available at the time. The main aim of Quickbooks was to do away with the need for multiple tables, spreadsheets and tracking sheets usually associated with company accounting. It also helped make reconciling for tax easier.

If the benefits of Quickbooks appealed to you, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s an even more convenient, accurate, efficient and easy option available in the form of Xero Accounting Software.

Xero Software has more than 600,000 satisfied users around the world and is one of the fastest growing software companies even being recognised by Forbes as The World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015.

The New Zealand based Xero Software has made it easier for small businesses to handle their books. Xero is a cloud based system that allows you to view information, accurate information whenever you choose from the device of your choice, whether it’s a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

Xero is fast becoming the preferred cloud accounting system among accountants and bookkeepers because it helps them build better relationships with customers. It also allows for online collaboration which is more convenient for all parties involved.

NBC is one of the top 5 ranked Xero Gold partners in Brisbane so if you’re looking to make the switch, they are the best choice. Once you make the choice to move to Xero, NBC can help make the transition hassle free and convenient, training your staff and offering the after-sales support needed.

Why Choose Xero?

Accuracy and ease are 2 key benefits of online accounting, also known as cloud accounting. Xero is the leader, providing small businesses with improved tools for more efficient accounting.

Now you can basically run your company from your mobile, PC or tablet, accessing your accounts anytime, anywhere. Your bookkeeper or accountant can also view your data online and give you real-time feedback.

The security of your financial information is never in question even if you lose your computer. We use the same stringent security you’re used to with internet banking. The protection of clients’ valuable data is important to Xero and so it invests heavily in this, your information is completely safe.

Clients of Xero can now connect the software to their bank account so they get their latest bank, credit card and PayPal transactions imported and categorised with the click of a button and transactions are reconciled.

It also makes collaboration easy because all members of your team are able to review your accounts and provide advice in real-time. Xero software allows employers to decide the level of access allocated to different employees to protect the security of your data.

It’s quick and easy to make the transition to Xero as hundreds of thousands of other companies in The UK, Australia, New Zealand and around the world have done.