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Is It Necessary To Write Meta Description?

If it is a long case study, students are always asked to write a summary of it. A meta description is also a summary, but shorter. It can be about 155 characters, and is better known as an HTML tag. When users search for information, they see three or two line summary under the link of a website, which is known as the meta description. There are two reasons as to why these meta descriptions are necessary; they help both the search engines and users understand what a web page is about.

Opportunity For The Brand

When a meta description for a web page is written, it offers the brand an opportunity to better advertise their product. All a webmaster needs to know is customer psychology, and they would know what to write in a meta description. For example, there are keywords or phrases that customers respond to right away, and adding them in a meta description would easily increase the click through rate of a web page or website.

Characteristics Of A Meta Description

There are some characteristics that meta descriptions should have, because they increase the likelihood of a page being noticed by customers. Like every other essay or article, meta description also has a format, which should be followed strictly.

Length Of The Description

A meta description has to be concise; it shouldnt be too long. Those who cant write compelling statements using fewer characters, wont be able to write a meta description Go Here.

Use Of Keywords

If a marketer wants search engines to display his website, when a user searches for a product that they sell, then he needs to use keywords. Keywords should be placed smartly in meta descriptions, at least three to four times. These keywords would help search engines and users understand what a content is about.

Active Voice

A meta description should make a user take action; it should act like an invitation to opening and further exploring the page. Meta descriptions should never be dull, and they should specify what a user would get, when he clicks on a link.

Specifications Of The Product

If a meta description includes two or three major specifications of a product that users will find interesting, then a marketer should include them. Including specifications in meta description would tell a user if they are interested in buying the product or getting to know more about it, right away. It is a time saving opportunity for customers, and when marketers provide customers with such information, it sheds a positive light on the brands reputation.

Accurate Content

The meta description of a product should be accurate; if the web page description and the meta description of the same product are entirely different, then that means the customer is being led to a web page, under false pretenses.

The most important aspect of a meta description is to make it unique; it should be different form a competitors meta description.