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How To Structure A Url In Seo

SEO is about optimizing content, so that it becomes suitable for search engines and user experience. A part of SEO click this over here now is improving the structure of a URL. There are many websites that dont put an effort in their URLs, and when a user opens a URL with content like folder1/12536971565, such a URL doesnt make any sense to them. More over, if proper keywords and phrases are not used in URLs, then it would be difficult for search engines to crawl a website. URLs should be user and search engine friendly.


URLs are displayed in search engine results. If a user types in the query makeup, URLs that have the same keyword in them, would appear in search engine results. Such keywords appear in bold and make it more visible to the user. There is not doubt that Google can crawl a URL that doesnt have proper keywords or phrases in them; however, it would take time and the task would be daunting. There is an online tool called Webmaster Help Center, and it can create friendly URLs for search engines, like Google.

Using Words

Instead of using numbers or letters in the URL, which dont make any sense, proper words should be used in URLs. URLs, however, should never be lengthy, and generic page names should never be used for them, like page2. Even though keywords should be used in URLs, because they make a website more visible to the user, using excessive keywords is not recommended.

Directory Structure

An SEO expert should create a directory structure, that would properly organize a websites content. This directory would make it easier for visitors to know the topics or things which they can find on a website. The directory structure can be used in the URL, to point towards the nature of content uploaded to a website. However, there shouldnt be many subdirectories, the subdirectories should be named properly and only those names should be used, that has some relevance to the content.

One URL Version

It can happen that one URL version may link users to different content or they are able to access the same content, but through multiple URLs. To handle this problem, an SEO expert can set up a 301 redirect; from those URLs that are not preferred to the dominant one. URLs should not be oddly capitalized, because they might negatively impact user perception about the content of a page.

If a URL is properly structured, then it will be easier for a user to remember it. If a user remembers it, then he wont have to search for it online, and he will be able to tell others as well. Every web page has its own URL, and they all should be optimized for SEO. User experience can be improved by structuring the URL well, and if the URL contains random numbers and letters, then that could ruin the user experience, affecting the reputation of a website.