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Facebook Seo Tips

In this day and age Facebook has become part of everyone’s life. People spend good amount of hours on social networking website each day. It used to be a platform to share your personal life with friends and family. But the now it has become a huge platform for marketing a business.

Many people don’t realize the power of SEO behind Facebook even though they spend hours on it. Undoubtedly Facebook is the powerhouse of SEO. Digital marketing campaigners have been emphasizing on importance of marketing capabilities of Facebook for a long time. But the marketing potential of Facebook goes way beyond than mere advertisements

We are going to give you some tips on how to achieve Facebook SEO success.

Select an awesome name for your Facebook page

Even though it seems like a very simple task to choose good name for your fan page but many people fail at it. The Facebook fan page name provides the basic foundation for optimizing your brand on Facebook.

The most common mistake done by page owners is that they over stuff their page name with keywords, like “Carl’s Bakers- Muffins, Bagels, Cookies, Cakes, and Breads – Catering & Events.” This title includes way too many keywords and it may appear spam to the audience. People might hide posts from your page or may block it permanently. Imagine how much damage it will do to your brand.

On one hand page name shouldn’t be loaded with keywords but on other hand it shouldnt be too general either. Facebook will limit the reach of your page if it’s too generic like, Health, fashion, food, travel etc. therefore think of creative name that is being indexed by search engines more often.

Create customized URL for your fan page

Lets say you have made your fan page and it has started to get initial likes. Now when you have reached certain numbers of likes say 25, the Facebook will give you an opportunity to choose your own URL. Facebook generally refers them to user names. URLs play an important role in search engine optimization hence put your thoughts and efforts in selecting a unique URL. The URL should be customized and it should reflect the vision of your business.

Accurate placement of keywords

As you all know that keywords play important role when it comes to SEO of a traditional website. Similarly they are very important to success of Facebook optimization too. Here are the things that you should take care of in order to fully optimize your fan page.

If you are getting most of your business from local market then optimize fan page for local queries by including your address, city, state and zip code.

Some people might be searching in order to get information about your products therefore fill out the fields related to company’s overview, mission statement and product details.

Mention your contact information

It seems pretty obvious to include your phone number and postal address in your fan page but surprisingly most of the businesses forget to do so. Google gives more value to the pages that include these specific information hence it’s important to mention this information for overall success of SEO.

Building back links

Inbound links help in driving immense amount of traffic to your website. So in the same way for Facebook optimization, you need to build inbound links. Add links to your Facebook fan page in your other digital platforms like websites, Twitter or blogs.

Optimize status updates

Whenever Facebook asks you this simple question that what’s on your mind or write something, take full advantage of that. As whatever you will post as an update on your page, the first 18 characters of it will appear as Meta description. The text will serve as SEO title hence it’s smart to put links to your business website in your updates.

SEO for Facebook notes

Many businesses don’t pay attention to Facebook notes. However if they are used effectively, they can contribute to SEO success. Through Facebook notes you can create multiple pages under one main fan page. You can list special offers or details of any event that is organized by your business under notes. Search engines can index this information, hence creating more visibility for you.


The main objective of Facebook SEO is to create more value for your existing brand. You can use above-mentioned tips to improve overall SEO but at the end of the day your product quality and business strategy will dictate the fate of your business.