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Best Practices In Office Design

They say the key to a successful company is having happy and productive employees. Other than providing a roster of health and other personal and educational benefits, one way to keep your employees spirits high is to have a pleasant work atmosphere through office design and furnishings.
Here are some ideas you can arrange in your workplace that will help create an environment conducive for the flow of creative juices and camaraderie:

Provide good lighting.
Nothing perks up peoples mood than some sunshine; its the best energizer. But, if youre office doesnt get the much-needed natural lighting, make sure it is well-lit. Make sure each workstation gets ample lighting. You can also use light fixtures with adjustable filters so as to prevent possible blurred vision, eye strain, and constant headaches among your staff.

Have comfortable furniture
Investing in sturdy and relaxing pieces of furniture doesnt just make a good impression to your clients, it also tells your people that management cares for them.
Staff spends at least 8 hours in the office so for them to provide what is asked of them, their need for comfort and convenience should be met, such as giving them good chairs, tables and sofas.

Check out the latest in office chairs that provide comfort for aching backs and sore necks and desktop tables that help keep clutter away from ones sight.

Board on the wall
Do not just have a wall for announcements. Provide a blank wall to encourage staff to write on it and express their ideas and creativity. Allow them to draw or doodle too. This will boost their enthusiasm, especially for those assigned in routine work. For this purpose, make sure to use non-permanent ink.

Plants inside the office
The presence of plants is visually attractive. It can reduce ones stress and improve the quality of air as it removes impurities inside the workplace. Choose those that are low maintenance, easy to grow indoors and require little sunlight, like cactus, Chinese evergreen, parlor palm, English ivy and a host of others.

Play or pray corner
Encourage a culture of play to support your staffs creativity, physical and mental health. Give away stress balls. Offer some board games for them to play with during break, or exercise balls after work. Arrange for a room or corner where they can do a quick nap, stretching, yoga, prayer or meditation.

Keep clutter away
Open desks can make a room look disorganized. Clutter on the desktop and conference tables, including peeking wires are eye sores. Pick out furniture designed to keep these cords and cables out of sight and in place.Do not underestimate the power of an organized workstation. It can de-clutter ones mind too.

Use colors to enhance your office space
Colors can enhance ones mood and creativity. Use shades that pop out in unexpected ways that convey excitement and zest for life an orange wall among whites or grays, a few yellow chairs in the lounge area.

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