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Advantages Of Using A Tri Fold Brochure In Marketing

Showcasing your products and company can be done in so many ways. However, one of the most popular ways to do this is by using tri-fold brochures. A tri-fold brochure is a great marketing tool, since it can pack a lot of information presented in an organized manner. Here are a few of its advantageous features:

Cost Effective A tri-fold brochure packs more information in one sheet of printed material, while maintaining an organized outline. Each flap and panel serves to deliver your marketing messages effectively with short yet, compelling text and exciting visuals. Compared to other printed materials, tri-fold brochures cost less to produce.

Takes Up Less Space If youre going to use these brochures as take-ones, tri-folds take up less counter space in your business area or in other partner establishments. Its also easier for customers to read the information you have, without having to unfold a big sheet of paper.

Easy to Distribute Unlike posters, these brochures can be easily distributed. One man can carry hundreds of these print-outs and distribute them during an event or convention.

A lot of people are not too excited to linger and listen to a sales pitch. Your tri-folds can do the talking for you. Just hand out these brochures and customers can easily refer to them while theyre walking, or at a time when its most convenient for them.

More Creative Presentation Instead of presenting everything in one block on a sheet of paper, the panels of the tri-fold give you more creative freedom to section or segment your messages so theyre presented in a manner that your audience will find easier to read. Each part of the brochure gives you an opportunity to deliver an impactful presentation to your customers about your marketing message.

Creative freedom, however, should always be balanced with your marketing goals. Resist the urge to pack more information than necessary into your tri-folds. Consider what content should be included to complete your unifying message or theme.

More Tangible and Relatable although online promotional and marketing materials are popular these days, the tangibility of tri-fold brochures lends more credibility to your marketing message. They somehow assure your audience that your products and services are real.

Theyre less intrusive, as customers can simply pick them up and read them when they feel like it. Besides, not everyone is a fan of online ads. In a lot of cases, people are actually wary about clicking those ads for fear of getting malware and spyware.

Using tri-fold brochures may seem old-fashioned, but they sure are effective in communicating with your audience. These brochures give you a straightforward and non-intrusive way of marketing your companys products and services. For as long as you have a good grasp on what would appeal to your target market, including tri-fold brochures in your marketing communication plan is not a bad idea at all.