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15 Incredible Team Building Activities For Work

Team Building activities are important. Why? Well, simply because these activities provide a way for the team to bond, get to know each other better, and participate in activities that could strengthen the way they work as a team.

As a CEO or manager, you know how crucial it is to make sure that you get to work together to improve the state of your company, and when you do get the chance to go out with your officemates, maybe you can try fun team building activities that would improve not just your bond, but the way you work as a team, too. You can start with the following:

1. Benchmark Activities and ART of Improvement

Topping the list of fun team building activities for work are benchmark activities, which basically test your awareness of reflexive tendencies, commonly known as ART. This is what happens: you will be placed in a stressful situation, and then you will learn how to get out of those situations while being graceful, improving the relationships with your colleagues in the process.

2. Build a Playhouse

Wouldnt it be nice to be able to give back to society while still being able to engage in fun team building activities with your team? Well, one good way of doing so is by trying to build a playhouse, where you and your workmates would be divided into groups of fifteen people each, and thered be design managers, project managers, branch heads, etc. Youll then try to make the best playhousesand whoever wins will get a reward! Cool, huh?

3. Spend Time with the Youth

For a day, mentor some young ones and help them realize the value of studying, working hard, and just being able to build their lives the way they want.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

Sure, its like a game for teens, but its still a good icebreaker, especially if there are newbies in your workplace. Basically, each player would tell two truths about themselves, and one lie, and the other members of the team would then guess which one is the lie. This is definitely one of those fun team building activities that could brighten up anyones day.

5. Office Trivia

A trivia game about your company is a good way to help your team know the mission and vision of the company. All you have to do is make 20 to 30 questions related to the company, ask your team about it, and give the employee who gets the most number of correct answers a reward.

6. Make Prosthetic Hands

Another good way to build your rapport as a team and give back to society is by getting some Build-A-Hand kits and creating a seminar so you can create prosthetic hands for kids who need them. This will warm your and your employees hearts, and remind you that you can do some good in the world! View more in the video below:

7. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always enjoyable team building activities because they allow members of your team to move, use critical thinking to decipher clues, and find amazing treasures in the end!

8. Fun Board Meetings

Turn board meetings into something fun by going to a farm, getting some art supplies, and discussing what could be done for the business by playing games such as charades, Pictionary, etc!

9. Tallest Tower

An activity that tests agility and flexibility, teams with 3 to 8 participants build towers out of newspapers as a means to test strategic planning and discussion this ones a winner!

10. Zoom

For this, youd have to give each participant pictures and then each team would try to arrange the pictures in sequential order as a test of your teams ability to communicate with and support each other.

11. Key Keeper

One member of each team acts as the keeper of the keys. The key keeper would then have to be blindfolded as other participants try to take the key away from him. This is a good test of how your employees could keep the company secure!

12. Blind Animals

This is one of those classic fun team building activities for your employees. Each member of the team will be blindfolded and would be assigned to make animal sounds. They would then have to find the person with the same animal sound that they are making!

13. All Aboard

Let each team fit inside a circle that you have drawn on the ground, or roped through poles and the like. Little by little, the circle would be made smaller, and the team would have to try to stay as strong as possible to make sure theyd all still fit!

14. Tarp Hole

The team will try to keep a ball safe along a tarp while making sure it does not fall down the hole!

15. Go and Volunteer!

Whether its about helping kids, old people, or animals, what matters is that you and your team get to do something thats not just fun, but also valuable for your community!

With the help of these incredible team building activities, youll be able to strengthen your team, enjoy work more, and have some fun! For more on these, dont forget to visit!


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